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High Performance Dressed 383 Aluminum, Cast, Carb Engine

High Performance Dressed 383 Alum, Cast, Carb Engine
Dressed 383 Alum / Carb

GM Dressed 383 Aluminum, Cast, Carb Engine



• 4 bolt main 2pc rear seal block w/Passenger side dipstick (drivers side available upon request)
• Square and parallel decked
• Align honed main bearing bore
• Cylinders honed on computer controlled machine to within .0002 straightness and roundness
• Cylinders are sonic tested for thickness


• New SCAT cast crankshaft
• New SCAT I-beam rods
• Keith Black Hypereutetic pistons
• Hastings Moly rings
• Balanced rotating assembly
• Melling high volume oil pump
• Flat tappet hydraulic lifter camshaft
• Heavy duty double roller timing set
• Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers


• New DART aluminum cylinder heads
• 1.437 diameter valve springs
• Hardened retainers and springs
• 2.02 swirl polished intake valves
• 1.60 swirl polished exhaust valves
• Hardened push rods


• Professional Products dual plane satin finish intake manifold
• Edelbrock 750 cfm carburetor
• MSD distributor and coil
• Edelbrock 110GPH fuel pump
• Edelbrock satin water pump
• MSD plug wires
• AC Delco spark plugs
• 9.5 to 1 compression
• Signature series aluminum valve covers
• Brass freeze plugs
• Dyno tested – and shipped with results
• Comes with 30 month / 50,000 mile warranty

Driver side dipstick is available-please specify when ordering

395 Horsepower

Dont Be Taken


  • Camshaft:
    .480 Int / .486 Exh & 224 Int / 230 Exh duration @ .050 - 110 degree lobe sep.

  • Horsepower:

  • Torque:

  • Compression Ratio:
    9.5 to 1

  • Ignition Timing:
    13 to 16 Degree Initial / 34 Degree Total

  • 30 Month / 50,000 Mile Warranty

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